Creating new ways to work together


Thinking Dialogue is a blog about promoting dialogue, the way it was conceived by David Bohm.

Dialogue is not merely an exchange of opinions or ideas. It is a life-long practical approach to engaging with people. This is why it is applicable in families as well as businesses. Entering a dialogue with someone can truly be a wonderful experience, which will always lead to new revelations; be it personal or collective ones. One of its strengths lies in reflecting our personal and collective thinking processes and subsequently changing our behavioural patterns.

I’m Lara, a researcher living in Berlin. I have a PhD in group communication and I am a trained dialogue facilitator, giving regular workshops on the topic.

I started this blog because I don’t think that dialogue gets the attention it deserves. The site features relevant literature and official websites on the subject, the occasional interview with affiliated people and events that are linked to dialogue. But mainly I would like to use this platform to share my thoughts and knowledge on dialogue, introduce relevant people, share related events; all in order to boost this wonderful form of communication.

If you feel curious about participating in an actual dialogue, or you want to know more about specific topics or people, do not hesitate in sending me a message via the contact form.